The new E-House Design

by Beat Pfenniger - Architect Switzerland
The new E-House combines the innovative Citra Construction technology with the highest standard of design. High ceilings give the living area a spacious feel. Curtains, and/or folding or sliding walls allow for flexible use of the space and the rooms can be used as bedrooms or as a living area. The second floor is conceived as a gallery, which is connected to the living area.
The E-House is suitable as an individual building, as part of a building module, or as part of a housing settlement. A variety of floor plans are possible using a minimum amount of building area. The basic model can be enlarged by extending the length of the building and adding a loggia.




From outside a unique elegance, from inside surprisingly spacious and flexible to use. Thanks to the outstanding insulation it remains cool in summer and warm in winter.


The lightweight envelope reduces material and energy costs during production. Thanks to the thermal insulation, significant savings in heating and cooling costs can be achieved.


Water-, fire- and hurricane proof, earthquake resistant. The specially reinforced outer plaster is very durable and requires no maintenance for many years.


Compared to current standard dwellings, an E-House reduces substantially the energy and carbon footprint, both for production and during use. The solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic elements foster renewable energy. In addition, most of the employed materials can be recycled.
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